Trial Temple
Trial Temple of the Empire


Free for All








Dark Jedi Empire

Trial TempleEdit

Location for most members to join and take the trials of being a Member in the clan. The map is surrounded by a stone wall, which from the inside view shows nothing but havic terrain. Inside is lava stream with floating platforms of rock and spurts of lava shotting out. In the center the main Dark Jedi Pyramid Trial Temple rest. Inside is where all trials to the empire are held. Top of the pyramid has a Ion-cannon to protect it from pesty intruders from the skies. Its dark and creepy with little bit of live from a good friend Darth Maul who has a statue of himself. Created by Raxxus

  • Twisting pillars
  • Top view of Main pyramid
  • Inner chamber, inside Pyramid
  • Stair case to top of Pyramid
  • Statue of Darth Maul
  • Go to Top of Pyramid
  • Go to whole map view

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