The Sith Lords Clan was started on Oct 21st 2002 in the game Jedi Outcast and moved to Jedi Academy in 2003 with the release of the new game. Since then <SL> has been a constant part of the Jedi Knight Community, contributing maps, skins and mods to it. It was one of the longest remaining clans before its end or disban between 2009-2011.


Currently the member list is scrapped and only a few are known.

  • Lord-Þhoenix
  • Lord-ØcTavius
  • Phantom
  • Guardian-LoneWolf
  • ShadowReaper
  • Azure
  • beaker Bongload
  • Lord-Kenshin
  • Darth-revan
  • Lord-Strife
  • Lord-Rickroll
  • Saldur
  • Fire
  • Councilor-Darkness
  • NightWing
  • Bersc Gunsom
  • Councilor-Iron