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Father of the Clan

Father of the ClanEdit

The title or position of Lord is the highest rank in the clan. It symbolizes the leadership and command over all other members. Any wise and chosen member can be selected to be a fellow Lord of the clan if they deem worthy of such. In the past a total of 4 Lord were in control of the clan, now only one is current.

How to reachEdit

One must be chosen and be a current an active member. They must be wise in all directions between what to do and what not do to. Any member can reach this title but only the chosen will be picked if any are.

Council LordEdit

Lords are the council leader as well the clan. Lords have the full final say in every debate next to his/her right hand man Master of the Brotherhood and fellow Lords. They can be out voted if a poll is necessary to decide on a subject so not everything is within the Lords power.

Past LordsEdit

The following are past lords who have retired.