Legion of Shadows

Legion of Shadows
Created: March 7th, 2013
Founder: Frothen

The Legion of Shadows is a clan belongs to a player by the name of Frothen. It is a sith & jedi based clan that follows the both sides of the force.


Clan started on March 7, 2013. After the new clan was created Frothen call his old friends in the clan and together they are made begin the big family. Each clan membrer call his friends in clan and now we have 31 members. 

Council MembersEdit

  • Frothen*L*
  • Pac|C|
  • Fear|C|
  • karat_|C|


  • 1.*L*Leaders
  • 2.|C|Council
  • 3.|ED|Elite Division
  • 4.«T»Tribunal, »D«Diplomat
  • 5.|SDL|Sith Dark Lord, |JGM|Jedi Grand Master
  • 6.*SO*Sith Overlord, *JB*Jedi Blademaster
  • 7.|SL|Sith Lord, |JM|Jedi Master
  • 8.|SI|Sith Inquisitor, |JL|Jedi Lord
  • 9.|SR|Sith Revenger, |JT|Jedi Trainer
  • 10.|SD|Sith Destroyer, |JC|Jedi Consular
  • 11.|SA|Sith Assasin, |JA|Jedi Ace
  • 12.|SV|Sith Violator, |JS|Jedi Sentinel
  • 13.|SJ|Sith Juggernaut, |JD|Jedi Defender
  • 14.|SW|Sith Warrior, |JG|Jedi Guardian
  • 15.|SM|Sith Maradeur, |JK|Jedi Knight
  • 16.|SP|Sith Padawan, |JP|Jedi Padawan
  • 17.(Y)Younling

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