Events in <{DJE}> is a certain day or mouth where the clan will change alittle and have games to have fun and

celebrate the Day. Most of the Events are Randomly Made to get members to be active but most of the Offical Events are Tournaments and Special Hoildays.

The Tournaments of the clan are always fairly simple and easy to do such as a 1 on 1 battle then the winner moves on to next round or everyone who wins goes onto the next round till two remain. Such Events such as that grant a reward to the Winner either first and/or second place winners. Usally the Reward is a early promotion or admin to show anything can happen.

The Clan's Hoilday Events are always fun and entertaining. For example is JawaWeen. JawaWeen is the mix of Jawa from star wars who are thos little easy to kill and annoying creatures that trade or sale droids and was chosen cause the Lord Bacon hates them and thought why not. JawaWeen has many events which are rarly given a reward such as one event will be just Scary stories while using Star War Charatcers. Another Hoilday would be Christmas but renamed to Sith-Mas even tho the clan isnt Sith related.