Fist of a New Age
Rank Master Sith
Gender Male
Race Human
Saber Choice Single
Master Y/N None
Status Quit

The first Master Sith (retitled Master of the Brotherhood) during the rebuilding process of the clan under Bacons Rule.


BlueShot was one of the very early new recruits during the New Age process of the clans reconstruction under Bacon's and Flame rule. He started out as just a simple player but by his skills and how both Bacon and Flame wanted to fill all ranks to get going they chose him to fill the role of Master Sith.

Role of PlayEdit

Blueshot wasn't much of a player to talk with or even count on to get jobs done but he did help out in training and monitoring other players even recruiting a few here and there. He was challenged for the role of his rank a few times but true to his ways he kept the rank.