The Apprentice CycleEdit

The cycle of the apprentice ranking is a very simple process. Every apprentice will be able to come across the cycle once in awhile when they proven to be a skillful fighter. There are two stages to the cycle, Advance & Champion. When a apprentice reaches these ranks they have easy and quicker route to becoming a Red Knight in the future.

Advancing ApprenticeEdit

For a Apprentice to be in the Advance stages they must out master there own Master. This is completed by simply defeating them in a duel by any means, during training, tournaments, or any battle between each other and win without taking any damage. That is in Jedi Academy settings, 100 health & 100 Shield.

Advance ChampionEdit

Once an Advance Apprentice has shed blood and tears over his time in training he be submitted to Trial by the master to be a Champion in the Apprentices cycle.

Style choicesEdit

It is a masters job to choose the best style of swordsmanship his or her apprentice is good at, but that is also up to the apprentice themselves. When they have chosen a style and they defeated there master to "Advance" they will be unable to switch to a new style. In there rank they will put either the following between there Rank and Cycle.

  • N = Normal/Single
  • D = Duals
  • S = Staff


<{DJE}>John=ANC=, which stands for "Advance Normal Champion"

<{DJE}>John=ANA=, which stands for "Advance Normal Apprentice"


Apprentices don't have to go down this route if they ask there masters. It is the masters word of say if they will continue or not.