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Apprentice of the empire


Like the title says, Apprentices are learns and will follow the teachings of there very own Master in arms. Listen well and understand the true powers of the dark side as you be only tested by your own Master. You will be promoted in the apprentice ranks if you prove skillful to your master in battle.

Master & ApprenticeEdit

The apprentice is to follow and obey the master they are assigned too. No other master unless given permission from the other are allowed to train or improve them. The master has there way of teaching and they shale be met. If the Master or Apprentice themselves feel they either are not correctly position or in no position to train they are allowed to speak with the Council into getting a replacement.

Tasks to completeEdit

Every Master has a say in how they teach there apprentices. All tasks are given by them under well thinking that is. If any tasks are preformed and the Council finds it to be unskillful manners could result in a replacement or removal of title of Master.

Apprentice CycleEdit

If you apprentice over powers there own master in battle they will be promoted in the cycle of the apprentice ranks. If they do so this will decrease there time as an apprentice greatly and be more likely to advance further.